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Executive Team

Craig Clark


"Being available and accessible is a primary focus for us, whether it’s picking up the phone or meeting face to face. The better we get to know our customers, the better we can overcome challenges and deliver solutions that offer flexibility, convenience, reliability, and value.”

Craig is a performance-driven, entrepreneurial professional with nearly 20 years of management experience and a strong track record in leading commercial intensity, analyzing and negotiating financial and trading opportunities for multiple commodities, and delivering high-value, resourceful solutions to customers. He first launched his career as an oilfield consultant before branching into various sales, marketing, revenue planning, management, and directorship positions at CN Rail. Craig joined Elbow River Marketing in 2010 as a trader and has helped successfully grow the company’s asphalt, fuel oils and crude-by-rail businesses. In 2015, Craig was promoted to his current role as Director of the Crude Oil, Asphalt and Fuel Oils (CAF) business unit. Craig holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan (1994) and a Master of Business Administration from McGill University (1998). 

Ed Malcolm, B.Com


“We’re focused on hiring the right kind of talent with the right kind of personality—individuals with business and industry knowledge, commercial intensity and a genuine desire to keep growing the people side of this business. Through our relationships, we’re finding solutions and building value so our customers get what they need, when they need it.”

Ed is a 30-year veteran of the oil and gas industry who has earned a reputation for excellence in business governance, financial prudence, strategic planning, and customer-centricity, resulting in multiple success stories and a growing number of rewarding business and trade relationships. Ed first joined Elbow River Resources Ltd. in 1997 to trade butane. By 2002, he had obtained an ownership interest in the company, which was subsequently divested to Avenir Diversified Income Trust in 2005 and purchased by Parkland Fuel Corporation in 2013. Prior to joining Elbow River Marketing, Ed worked with Resource Energy Marketing, a trading company, as well as Petro Canada where he served in a diverse range of accounting and marketing capacities. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of Calgary (1983).

Bill Niquidet

Vice President, Treasury & Risk Management

"We leverage our relationships throughout North America to find the most creative and cost effective sales and supply solutions. Backed by our parent company, Parkland, we have strong ties with creditors, decades of experience balancing risk-reward opportunities and a well-managed transportation network—providing our customers with more and better choices to get the products they need.”

Bill is an accomplished and versatile business professional with over 30 years of transportation, financial and entrepreneurial experience in the oil and gas industry. He first began working with Elbow River Marketing in 2000 in a consulting role and three years later, accepted a full-time position as Manager, Business Services. Over the years, Bill has served in various credit, finance and currency trading capacities before joining senior management to focus on treasury and risk management in 2008. Earlier in his career, he honed his skills with Petro Canada in a variety of transportation, supply and planning capacities. Bill holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Transportation) from the University of British Columbia (1978). 

Elbow River - A Brand of Parkland Fuel Corporation
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