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Crude, Asphalt & Fuel Oils

Elbow River Marketing's Crude, Asphalt and Fuel Oil (CAF) team utilizes extensive commodity knowledge, long-term relationships, innovative risk management strategies and rail logistic expertise to buy, move and sell 'bottom of the barrel' commodities efficiently and effectively.

As a wholesale marketer, Elbow River Marketing's CAF department has developed a broad network of refiners, blenders, retailers and traders across North America to source and place heavy streams regardless of spec or quality.  Our large fleet of coiled and insulated tank cars and relationships with all North American Class I railroads help to ensure our cost competitiveness. 

We strive to add value for our commercial partners by finding creative solutions to increase netbacks, sourcing or placing unique or off-spec barrels and managing risk through our hedging programs either on a spot or term basis.   

Contact us to see how Elbow River Marketing can help to optimize your crude, asphalt and fuel oil requirements.

Crude Oil

Elbow River Marketing was one of the first crude-by-rail shippers sourcing barrels out of western Canada.  Since entering the crude business we have moved a variety of conventional and unconventional streams, from light crudes to heavy raw bitumen throughout Canada and the United States in both manifest and unit train service packages. 

Elbow River Marketing currently owns and operates a truck-to-rail transloading facility in the Peace River area and has crude storage in the southern US.

We work closely with producers, refiners and other mid-streamers to provide rail-based options for the purchase, movement and sale of crude.


Elbow River Marketing is a wholesale supplier of Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTBs), paving grade and roofing grade asphalts.  We utilize our coiled and insulated tank car fleet to deliver product throughout North America.

Elbow River Marketing is a Canadian member of Asphalt Institute.

Fuel Oil

Elbow River Marketing's fuel oil segment compromises several residual and gasoil streams including:

  • HFO for industrial use
  • Bunkers for marine applications
  • Cutterstocks such as Light Cycle Oils (LCO)
  • Slurry/Decant for Carbon Black market
  • Various residual blending components
  • VGOs and AGOs for refining processing

Elbow River Marketing's CAF team specializes in helping to find or place off-spec or unique barrels through its extensive customer network and coild and insulated tank car fleet. 

Elbow River - A Brand of Parkland Fuel Corporation
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